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10 Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogs are popping up every day at a ridiculous rate.  Everyone wants to make money blogging. Many people jump in and create a blog because it seems to be fun and easy. However, it is also easy to make mistakes.

What are these mistakes?  Well, let’s jump right in a look at the most common blogging mistakes so you can avoid them with your blog!

1. Not being original.

Many people are hesitant to be themselves online.  They want to copy other successful bloggers thinking that is the key to success. Yet your personality is what will attract attention and readers. Do not hesitate to be yourself and offer your own original voice – no matter how silly, serious, or controversial it way be.  People want honesty and uniqueness.  Add it to your blog!

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Information You Need to Know About Blog Hosts

Blogging has become more and more popular in the last few years. Today, a blog is not just a personal website where you can share your thoughts or update your family and friends about what is happening in your life. Blogs are now used to earn money either by promoting products or services or getting increased traffic to your site.

While blogs on a hosted domain such as Blogger or are still an option for making income, having your own self-hosted blog gives you complete control over your blog. If you are ready to take your blog to the next step, getting a self-hosted blog may be an option for you.

Getting a Blog Host

Putting your blog on a host will give you the freedom to make your blog a money-making machine. Your own hosted blog is the first step.

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