What is Niche Blogging?

What is Niche Blogging?

blog-trafficBlogs have evolved from just a room for self expression to being a fortune machine. Today, niche blogging, a new form of blogging, has become popular with the intent of using blogs to promote a particular market.

In niche blogging, the idea is to find a market that is not only interesting but is also unique for the blog to stand out more and be seen in search engines. Of course, it should also be a profitable market. This means that there should be a good number of people interested in it as well so the niche blogger can make a profit.

Niche blogging is actually not a new concept. But it is only in recent years that the term or concept of “niche blogging” has rapidly become popular as more and more people make money out of it. Niche blogs usually have advertisements, although some niche blogs are just used to incite the reader into visiting other websites that sell products or services.

Why Choose Niche Blogging?

The following are the top reasons why niche blogging has become increasingly popular among internet marketers or bloggers.


Niche blogging is for free. It allows the marketer to determine first whether the market is viable without having to invest money into it.


As people’s interests change, it is also important for an online marketer to be in the current trend and to stay up-to-date. By using free services of blog sites, the niche blogger can easily adapt to the volatile market and create a new blog on the new trend without having to spend a lot of money maintaining a website.

Adaptability is also one of the greatest features of blogs. Blogs are easy to maintain and doesn’t require professional help for you to update your site. You can quickly add or update articles as frequent as you want.

Generating Traffic for Free

Every online marketer knows that for a website to become successful and to earn money, it should have many visitors. In other words, it should be popular. And in order to make a normal website profitable, it requires paid advertisement and search engine optimization. But with niche blogging, through blog sites like Blogger, you can still gain visitors for free. Blogger incorporates Really Simple Syndication (also known as RSS), a feature that allows the niche blogger to inform online directories of his blog’s existence. In this way, the blogger can generate traffic to his/her website without her having to shell out money.

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