Why You Should Use Your Blog as a Internet Marketing Tool

Why You Should Use Your Blog as a Internet Marketing Tool

Make-Money-OnlineIn the past, the term “blogging” has conjured up an image of a online website of someone’s personal life, including pictures of pets and family. While some still use a blog for this format, blogging has transformed into a whole other medium for getting information onto the Internet.

My blog, Inspired to Write, has went through those changes as well. From a personal blog of my daily life adventures to a more focused blog on the writing niche and inspiring other writers.

Blogging comes from the term “weblog”, and is a great tool to use to market a product or tidbits of information, whether for money making purposes or as a hobby. There are various free blogging platforms that enable you to create your own account and write about topics or niches of your interest. The ability to freely express your own views, share information, or promote through this platform is one reason why many people enjoy doing it.

Many people do not even realize that blogging could also make you money. While blogging has been around for awhile, the last few years it has been considered a great internet marketing tool.

Use Your Blog as an Internet Marketing Tool

If you are not sure whether this method for Internet marketing will reap results, here are some basic reasons why you should use your blog as a marketing tool.

  • Blogging provides an easy way to publish your content on the Internet. Once you have posted your blog post, it is accessible to anyone on the internet within a click of a mouse. Thus, you are not just limited to your immediate area but is capable of spreading the content of your blog to anyone with an internet access.
  • You have complete control over your blog.  You are the writer, editor, and publisher. While you should be prudent about what you write and provide quality and helpful posts, no one will be by to correct your style or adjust your voice, or even fix your grammar.  You can utilize your blog how you want, write when you want, and promote products of your choice.
  • Blogs are written by real people and are read by real people. Most bloggers have a voice and over time, you will sense their style and personality.  Most bloggers write in first or second person. Hence, if you intend to use your blog as an Internet marketing tool, it is much easier to establish a personal relationship with your intended reader. Most blogs are written based on first-hand experience, thus readers are more likely to trust what the blogger has to say once they become regular readers.
  • Having a blog help builds your online reputation and establishes credibility.  When people want to know more about you or your product, having a blog can help you establish yourself online.  Readers will have a place to go online and read all about you, your products, and more.  The blogging community  is an intimate environment such that it is easier for you to get to know someone and interact with them. If done successfully, the people who read your blogs will rely on you to provide the information they need to know.
  • It helps you identify your target market. Depending on the feedback of your readers that visit your site, you can make an assessment on how to cater your future blog posts.  This will help attract more readers and traffic that are interested in your blog’s niche, or topic.  Getting targeted traffic is important if you are using your blog to promote certain products or direct them to affiliate merchants.
  • Blogging provides up to date information.  As long as you are posting on a regular basis, readers can find current information on products in the market they are interested in,  Even if you are not directly selling a product, the information you provide may help them make a decision on products.  If they have developed trust in your opinions, they will continue to follow, or subscribe to your blog.  Then, if you decide to sell a product, they may buy from your blog.
  • Finally, blogging is convenient. Your readers can sit at home in front of their computer and peruse information surrounding your niche.

While a blog is only one source people can use for Internet marketing, it is a simple tool that can produce great results if done properly.

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