Why Niche Blogs Matter

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Why Niches Matter in Blogging

Blogging 101As an aspiring or practicing blogger you may have heard that it is better to choose a niche.  While having an authority blog is good, a niche is a specialized or highly focused topic. Depending on your goals, having a niche blog may be the way to go for faster results in the search engines.

For example, instead of a blog about gluten free foods you might blog about gluten free bread recipes. There are many reasons why niches are successful.

Three Reasons Niches Are Successful

1. Loyal Readers

If you choose a niche it will be easier for you to find loyal readers. When people search online they are often searching for very specific information. If you provide that specific information you are probably going to make it to the top of their list. There is a good chance, they will subscribe to your blog and visit your blog regularly. This loyalty provides you with an abundance of opportunity to profit.

2. More Profits

Niches are more profitable. As a blogger it will be much easier to establish some of the key buying triggers. The most notable are credibility and authority. By blogging about your specific niche topic you are able to position yourself as an expert.  By being the expert, it earns the trust of your readers and they will more likely buy from you or to trust your recommendations. This results in profits.

Additionally, having a niche allows you to be able to draw focused traffic which means youíll have a special appeal for targeted advertisers. For example, the gluten free bread recipe blog may attract gluten free bread manufactures. They know that your audience matches their audience and will pay to advertise.

3.  More Traffic

The truth is that it is much easier to compete on search engines when you have a niche topic. For example, entering “Miniature Dog Trainers” into Google provides much less results than if someone were to type in “dog training”.  This means less competition.  If you really want to narrow it down, your niche may be “Miniature Dog Trainers in Colorado,” which should be even less competitive.

If there is good demand for that topic you literally have only a few potential competitors. That means whenever someone searches for your blog topic, they will find you right away. The result is more traffic.

Choosing a niche topic also makes it easier for you to provide more value. More value means more repeat visits. It also means more inbound links. This in turn helps boost your awareness and traffic. In short, a blog niche makes it easier to market and grow your blog.

Having a niche allow you to reach your audience faster and keep them coming back to your blog.  This can lead to growing subscribers more quickly. And ultimately you will be able to make more profits from your niche.

Before you choose a niche, make sure there are good numbers behind it. That means high demand (lots of people looking for your information) and low supply (not too much competition).  Market Samurai is a great keyword research tool and offers a free COMPLETE trial!

When the numbers support it, niches prosper. Choose your niche today and start profiting from your blog.

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