7 Steps to Getting Traffic Old School Style

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7 Steps to Getting Traffic Old School Style

affiliatemarketingGetting blog traffic is probably one of the biggest concerns for blog site owners.  Without traffic, it is pretty difficult to make any money.  The question,  “How can I get more traffic?” is often asked by bloggers.

These days there are tons of ways to “buy” traffic including purchasing web backlinks, buying targeted traffic, going on traffic exchange sites, and more.  These methods may work for short -term, but eventually the search engines will catch on or people will simply just stop by once and not return. For long term success and traffic, you have to build a readership.  These readers will hopefully subscribe and come back again due to the value you provide.

There is no easy button for this, but you can still build traffic by doing it old-school style.

1.  Content is king – how cliche, but true!  Take time to create quality, original, helpful content. on a regular basis.  When people find your blog and it is interesting, they will likely come back for more and potentially provide a backlink.

2. When you communicate through email, personalize any correspondence to make yourself stand out amongst all the email messages that flood your subscriber’s inbox.

3.  Subscribe to other well established blogs in your niche.  This keeps you in touch with what is going on in your niche, establishes a relationship, and gives you opportunities to share other insightful blog posts with your readers.

4.  Comment on other blogs in your niche.  Be sure to write helpful or insightful comments that add value to the topic of conversation.

5.  Do a guest post on a blog that gets a lot of traffic.   If you provide a useful blog post on another person’s blog, others will see it and flock to your blog to read more.

6. This is really old school, but worth a try!  Go ahead and send an email to introduce yourself and your blog to other bloggers in your niche.  Don’t be pushy, but explain that they may be interested in your blog since it covers a similar niche.

7.  Use quality keywords in your post.  SEO is a great way to get traffic, but it does not have to be complicated.  Use good keywords to allow the search engines to find your blog, naturally.

These ways may take time to build traffic, but will be more effective in the long run.  Each day there are more and more blogs getting created that provide more competition in the blogosphere.  But, no matter how many bot or autoblog-created blogs out there, if you stick to the old school style of blogging including relationship building, quality linking, and SEO, you can become one of the few blogs that  stick out among all the clutter.

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