Making New Year's Blogging Goals

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Making New Year’s Blogging Goals

It is 2011!  Wow!  It is a new year and with a new year comes – new goals!  Outside of the classic New Year’s resolutions like losing weight, saving money, etc, take some time to figure out your blogging goals.  This can be done for the year, then broken down into months, weeks, and days.  One of the things I have done to help me with my online goals is to buy a detailed planner.

This has been a Godsend!  It keeps me accountable.  I have daily goals, and in the back of the planner, I write monthly goals, and long-term goals.  Over the last few months, this has been more valuable to me than any other tool.  And it is simple – no technical skills needed.  Plus, it is in front of you all of the time, so no need to start up your computer to bring it up.

Whatever you need to do, write down some goals for your blogging plan.

Here are some ideas to to consider:

  • Write a post twice a week
  • Find at least one great product to promote
  • Write a review of a product
  • Comment on other blogs in my niche once a week
  • Post a helpful blog post for readers
  • Write an opinion piece and ask for reader’s comments
  • Analyze and update goals on monthly basis

Feel free to use any off these or come up with your own!  It is a new year – so take the opportunity to make your blog successful this year!

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