Top Blogging Sites For First-Time Bloggers

Top Blogging Sites For First-Time Bloggers

top_10_best_blog_sites_and_blogging_platfogrmsBlogging is undoubtedly in. People of all ages, races, and interests have found the endeavor to be a very effective tool in satisfying personal and business interests. If it’s your first time to sign up on a blog though, things may seem a bit confusing because there are a lot of free sites you can choose from. They offer various features and they all sound awesome. In this article though, let’s have quick list of the top blogging sites in the world today and why most people support them.


Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the top two blogging sites in the whole world. This may be primarily so because of its wide assortment of themes and plug-ins. It’s also highly flexible. Hence, users can enjoy a lot of freedom in personalizing their blogs. If you are the kind of person who puts a high value on personalization, then this site can serve an excellent choice.

Another great thing about WordPress is it is very friendly to users. Even those who are totally clueless of computer lingo and codes can navigate it without difficulty. Of course, having a technical know-how can help, but it’s not necessary to fully enjoy blogging on the site. No wonder a lot of first-time bloggers choose to use it.


Blogger is the other site which makes it to the top two of the list. It is a publishing service created by Pyra Labs which was purchased by Google in 2003. Like WordPress, it’s also user friendly for SEO professionals and people particularly like its idiot-proof dashboard.

Another good thing about Blogger is it allows you to create multiple blogs through your Google account. Unlike other sites, it doesn’t restrict the number of blogs you would want to have.

Speaking of money making, Blogger also lets you earn with Google AdSense. You just need to sign up for it. Whenever your readers click on the ads, you earn a certain amount. Now, that’s a great way to make extra cash, right? This is also one of the main reasons why Blogger remains to be one of the most popular blog sites in the cyber world. It doesn’t only allow you to write but earn freely too.

LiveJournal (LJ)

You’ll be surprised to know that LJ started as a personal platform of someone who simply wanted to update his high school friends of his activities in the late 90′s. The site was bought by a software company, and then sold again to a Russian media company known as SUP Media. Now, LJ is one of the top blogging sites in the World Wide Web.

The main feature of this site is its friends list or “flist.” Every LJ user has a page where the collection of blog posts from those on his or her flist is found. This allows easier access so friends can visit each other’s blogs at a click.

LiveJournal is also hot because it functions as a host to groups or “communities” also known as the comms. Every member of a certain community is free to create posts as if he or she were writing in their own journals. There are people who maintain these comms known as the maintainers. They regulate and moderate the groups especially the membership. This is why LJ isn’t just known to be one of the top blogging sites in the web but also a fantastic social networking platform to gain leverage today.

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