Is Blogging Broken?

Is Blogging Broken?

to-blog-or-not-blog-1When you plan to run an online business, it is essential to understand the critical phenomenon that surrounds the internet. Are you still writing blogs everyday or every week or are you moving to building authority sites?

The best means of communicating online till now was through blogging. Many readers read the information posted by bloggers and today this has reached saturation. It is not that easy to find readers who will visit your blog and read the contents. There are too many blog posts and readers find it difficult to go through all the blogs.

Blogging has been the popular mode of communication. People keep writing blogs daily and today this concept of communicating is reaching saturation point.

Business Blogging Is Not A Sound Business Model

For those who are making money online using blogging to post content and engage relationship with customers and subscribers, the return on investment (ROI) is getting lower and lower. New bloggers even find themselves hard to attract readers today. It takes a lot of work to draw their attention. When you have a lot of readers to visit your blog, you are making a lot of money that justify all the efforts you put.

Nowadays readers require getting business information that they feel is worth their while and towards this end are prepared to pay for the same.

Many people still use Google Adsense in the hope of earning some money from their blog posts. This is not a good idea. It is important to realize that Google Adsense anyhow displays ads on the blogs though they have not entered into any agreement with the concerned blogger. When things look good and your blogs are being read by many, Google will land on your blog and give you money for the ads that they post because they benefit.

If you are smart, you will sit back and ponder on the money Google Adsense is making by just using your website to earn revenue. The lion’s share of the work which is getting readers to the site is done by you!

Draw Traffic instead of driving them away from your website

It is not a good idea to drive traffic away so that they look at other websites for similar information. Place interesting banner ads that concentrate on your niche. These banners may be the bait that draw customers to your site and retain their interest to your advantage. Invite readers and get them interested to your product rather than sending them out to look for other products.

Focus on creating banners that will attract visitors in large numbers to try out your product as this will definitely increase your profits.

Blogging is just a waste of time if you are already in the groove and earning money.

If you take time off to examine the modus operandi of successful marketers online, you will note that most of them have the same thing in common. They do not spend time writing blog posts nor do they communicate on social media working sites such as Twitter. They prefer to spend time sending emails to clients when they wish to sell their products.

You can also board this wagon and check out the way to build authority sites and do not bother about wasting precious time with blogging. Lure visitors with interesting jargon to your websites and come up a winner over a period!

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