10 Common Blogging Mistakes

10 Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogs are popping up every day at a ridiculous rate.  Everyone wants to make money blogging. Many people jump in and create a blog because it seems to be fun and easy. However, it is also easy to make mistakes.

What are these mistakes?  Well, let’s jump right in a look at the most common blogging mistakes so you can avoid them with your blog!

1. Not being original.

Many people are hesitant to be themselves online.  They want to copy other successful bloggers thinking that is the key to success. Yet your personality is what will attract attention and readers. Do not hesitate to be yourself and offer your own original voice – no matter how silly, serious, or controversial it way be.  People want honesty and uniqueness.  Add it to your blog!

2. Not giving credit where credit is due.

With plagiarism almost becoming an accepted practice in some fields, DON’T DO IT!  It is okay if you post or quote something from somewhere else – but, if you borrow information or ideas  give that person credit!  It does not weaken your content or your credibility, in fact, it enhances it.  But, not sourcing your material is unethical, but it can get you in trouble legally.

3. Giving up too early.

This is quite common.  With all the “get rich overnight” sales pages and products out there, it is no surprise that people give up when they don’t see overnight success.  The truth is blogs are not going to achieve instant success overnight. This is why it is so important to enjoy the topics you choose to blog about. Eventually, with enough care and attention your readership will grow.

4. Not responding to comments.

It is important to engage with your readers – this will get them coming back for more.  If you don’t want comments on your blog posts, set it up so people cannot leave them. However, if you want comments then be social and acknowledge them. and interact. It helps create a community on your blog. It motivates more comments and it is a friendly thing to do.

5. Not adding value.

People will read your blog because it is: informative or entertaining.  If there in no value, whether educational or  interesting, readers will probably not return.  It is essential to provide readers with value – not just ramble on using your blog as a place to vent.  While occasional venting is okay, provide a solution to your complaints or engage readers by asking them  to comment.  In short, they will come back and read your blog because it offers value. Make sure your posts regularly offer value.

6. Not posting regularly.

While there are many discussions on how much a person should post, there really is not set rule – but be consistant and post on a regular basis.  Some say you have to blog every day. You don’t have to blog every day. However, if your readers don’t see a post for a couple weeks, they may forget about you, especially when you first start out. Keep them happy. Keep them visiting your blog. Publish regularly.

7. Not having a niche.

Many people put up a blog with no focus.  The subjects cover a wide range of topics and there is no focus.  If you are creating an authority blog, it does not have to be a microniche, but there should be an overall topic related to one niche. What are you blogging about? For example, instead of blogging about pets, blog about dogs. You can make it even tightly for a more targeted audience and blog about breeding or training dogs. The more specific your niche topic the easier it’ll be to attract a following.It depends on the goals of your blog how narrow you want to get.

8. Not promoting your blog.

Get out and promote your blog! It will take a long time for search engines to find your blog without any marketing on your end.  Use social bookmarking and social media. Comment on other blogs and use your blog URL when you register. Become a guest blogger. In your guest blog bio, link to your blog address. Add your blog to your signature in your emails.  Get involved in forums.  Submit articles with your link attached.  Remember not to be a spammer though!  There is a fine line between spamming and promoting.  Don’t cross that line.

9. Not choosing a topic that you can sustain.

When you create a blog, think long term.  This is a big blogging mistake people make.  If you choose a topic that you’re passionate about, you can write every day year around and not lose enthusiasm for your topic.  If you choose a topic that is either not interesting to you  or too narrow, you will get burned out.  You will be lucky enough to hammer out a blog post once a month. Itís just not going to work, so pick a topic you enjoy and has enough material.

10. Having too much bling.

Nothing screams unprofessional than poor site design.  If you have flashy lights, tons of ads, and no easy navigation, people will leave.  Make sure your blog is content focused – that is why people come to a blog – to find value and information. Some advertisements are fine.  However blogs that are 90% ads and flashy banners and only 10% content won’t attract a loyal following.

Blogging really is a great way to connect, make a profit and grow a business.  But, you should be professional about and think about your readers. Avoid these ten blogging mistakes and you will be on your way to achieving blogging success

To your success!

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